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Arm Pain Relief in Denton

One day you’re feeling fine, and the next you can barely pick up your coffee cup (now that’s an emergency). Elbow and arm issues can be extremely painful and cause significant disruption to your routine—especially if your dominant hand is affected.

Whether you’ve been putting up with chronic arm pain for too long or you’re shocked by a sudden elbow issue, chiropractic care helps relieve pain and restore movement so you can get back to work and leisure activities.

Dr Krystal using Graston on arm

Pinning Down the Cause of Pain

You don’t have to play sports to be diagnosed with tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, affects the outer elbow, while golfer’s elbow, or medial epicondylitis, causes inner elbow pain. Both conditions require similar types of care; they simply affect different areas of the elbow.

Most elbow pain happens after you pick up a new activity you haven’t done before. Tendonitis is typically an overuse injury. You might have lifted something too heavy or squeezed in a few too many reps, resulting in injury.

At your first appointment, we’ll carefully assess your elbow, arm, wrist, and shoulder. Those joints all work together, and symptoms in one area could indicate a more widespread problem. It’s not uncommon to see shoulder impingement or neck issues triggering pain in the elbow. We make sure every part of your body is in alignment and moving well to help you achieve maximum relief.

Exceptional Care and Wellness Instruction

We often use therapies like dry needling, myofascial work, the Graston Technique, or PiezoWave therapy to boost circulation and target affected soft tissues. Many patients are surprised to learn that we give adjustments not only for the spine but also for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. Just as we adjust joints in the spine to restore full range of motion, any joint in the body can benefit from chiropractic adjustments.

We also check the spine and provide any adjustments you may need. The whole body is connected, so we’re thorough in caring for any area out of balance.

In addition to working with you in the clinic, we’ll also instruct you on steps you can take at home to speed up your recovery. Patients who stick with their foam rolling, stretches, exercises, and recommended posture changes usually experience health breakthroughs faster and end up feeling well longer than others.

Timeline to Recovery

Most patients experience some relief within the first two to three visits. How long it will take for pain to clear up completely depends on the exact nature of your problem and how long you’ve had it.

We always tell patients with new injuries that the sooner we can get you into the clinic, the quicker you’re going to feel better. Chronic pain takes more time to resolve because those issues have had time to set into the joints and cause significant inflammation.

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