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Meet Lacy Smith

Lacy, Denton Sports Chiropractic Nutrition TherapistFunctional Nutritionist

I think everyone thought I would become a professional musician. At least that’s what I went to the University of Texas to become. And I did tour professionally. But something wasn’t clicking.”

Lacy started to notice that another emerging interest. It began to nudge out the investment that she had made in her musical career. And while music can profoundly affect people, she discovered something even more powerful: food. In particular, nutritious food.

“Even when I was touring, I was more fascinated by the food and the culture than the music,” she confesses.

That prompted Lacy to make a major shift, enrolling in the Nutritional Therapy Association. While becoming certified she found her stride, learning how food affects our physiology, performance and health. This in-depth training brought her to dream position at Denton Sports Chiropractic.

Helping Patients Feel Their Best

What I love most is being able to help people be and feel their best. It’s like a trying to figure out a puzzle. Everyone is different. So you have to use your training, your experience and even some intuition from time to time.”

Lacy admits that her own nutrition and dietary habits have changed. After leaving the home cooked meals prepared by her mom, Lacy became a committed vegan.

“More like a militant vegan,” Lacy admits. “Which led me to experience my own health challenges. It was a turning point that caused me to rethink everything. When you suffer with your own nutritional deficiencies, it opens your eyes.”

After seeing the different in her own health, Lacy is a real inspiration to clients. Her encouragement comes from personal experience—not merely theory or philosophy.

When she’s not at the practice you can find Lacy Smith loving on her two rescue dogs and planning her upcoming wedding.

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