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New Patients

What to Expect at Denton Sports Chiropractic

We’re thrilled that you’re considering care with us! After you call to book an appointment, we’ll email you your new patient paperwork so that you can fill it out from the comfort of your own home instead of having to wait in the practice on the day of your visit.

When you arrive, we hope you’ll feel relaxed and at ease—our front office staff will warmly welcome you and answer any questions that you have. We pride ourselves on being timely, and we want you to know that we’re always conscious of your busy life—you’ll never have to wait in our waiting area for more than a few minutes.

Next, we’ll take you back to an exam room where you’ll receive a functional assessment of posture and range of motion to help us find your point of injury. We’ll use our 360-degree camera to measure your body movements—this is an incredible diagnostic tool that helps us see which areas of your body are struggling to move properly.

After your scans have been taken, you’ll meet with your chiropractor and go over your health history as well as what’s brought you in. We want you to know that when you’re with us, we’ll take the necessary time to listen to your concerns and give you the chance to ask us any questions you have—as our patient, you have our undivided attention.

If you’re ready to begin care on this first visit, your chiropractor will make the best recommendations for you based on your tests and findings and we can begin the first adjustment.

Keep in mind, we offer a variety of other modalities to help you achieve your best health yet—including dry needling, soft tissue work and a variety of adjusting techniques—all of which may be recommended for you depending on what will bring you the best results.

Your first visit will last approximately one hour.

Our practice believes in helping you to restore your health as quickly as possible. Unlike other practices, we likely won’t recommend you see us several times a week—instead, we’ll see you for longer visits and do all that we can to restore proper function.

We’ll also send you home with focused exercises and stretches to do between visits specific to your injury or problem—this will help you get back to proper function fast.

Discover More Today

If you’re ready to put your health first and jump into healing, we’re here for you. Contact us today to learn more about our custom care plans—we’ll always put your needs first and aim to make you feel heard.

Discover how chiropractic care can help you and your family—contact us for an appointment.

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