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Shoulder Injuries

Conditions of this complex ball-and-socket joint can seriously affect your quality of life. Sudden injuries may cause significant pain, while chronic discomfort might wear away at you little by little. Perhaps even worse, pain may also radiate to the back and down the arm into the elbow, wrist, or hand. This can be more than just uncomfortable.

Tension, stiffness, and limited range of motion can put a real strain on your daily functioning.

At Denton Sports Chiropractic, we provide effective relief for shoulder injuries and pain, so you can stay active and carefree. Whether you’re an athlete needing to get back in the game or you’re starting to feel the effects of bad posture, we use various therapies to get to the heart of the problem and tackle pain at the root. We’ll help you improve your positioning, strength, and range of motion so you aren’t caught in a cycle of recurring pain.

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Careful Testing and Diagnosis

You might already know where it’s hurting, but it’s just as important to know why. At your first appointment, we’ll start with a careful evaluation, complete with orthopedic, nerve, and muscle testing to identify what’s causing symptoms. Common conditions include impingement syndrome, rotator cuff issues, tendonitis, and frozen shoulder.

We start with a diagnosis, but we don’t end there when doing an assessment. We’ll also talk with you about what movements or activities may have caused the condition, like overuse injuries or basic posture issues. We’ll work with you to build better habits to minimize your risk of future problems.

Adjustments and Other Therapies

Our approach may include adjustments of the shoulder and surrounding joints, dry needling, IASTM , myofascial release, and/or cupping. We also see incredible results from massage, PiezoWave therapy, and corrective exercises. For athletes, we can use taping to support the muscles and joint for pain relief, or help temporarily with athletic performance.

We can adjust this complex joint like any joint in the spine, checking for any point of fixation where we need to work some motion back in. We’ll also examine your upper back and neck to look for any misalignments or imbalances there that may contribute to dysfunction.

Keeping You Active Throughout Recovery

If you’re coming in with a sports injury, our goal is to help you stay plugged into your fitness routine as much as possible. We add mobility and corrective exercises to start reducing inflammation immediately. Of course, if you’re experiencing a major flare-up or significant injury, you may need to take a little time on the sidelines to prevent long-term problems. We’ll talk with you about how to keep doing what you love in some capacity while under our care.

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