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Why we Don't X-ray at DSC

running sunriseAt Denton Sports Chiropractic (DSC), we have made a conscious decision not to use X-rays as part of our diagnostic process. Instead, we rely on a comprehensive approach that prioritizes clinical assessment, functional evaluations, and collaboration with other healthcare professionals.

Here are the reasons behind our choice:

1. Clinical Assessment and History

As sports chiropractors, we believe in the power of a detailed patient history and thorough physical examination. Through these methods, we can gather valuable information about the patient’s condition and make an accurate diagnosis. If there are no indications for X-rays and the clinical assessment is sufficient, we choose not to subject our patients to unnecessary radiation. However, if our examination reveals the need for further imaging, we refer our patients to a local radiology clinic for X-rays.

2. Preferential Use of Functional Assessments

At DSC, our focus is on assessing how the body functions rather than relying solely on static imaging. We prioritize posture screens, functional assessments, movement analysis, and performance evaluations. These approaches provide us with valuable insights into biomechanical issues without the need for X-rays. By understanding how our patients move and perform, we can develop targeted treatment plans that address their specific needs.

3. Minimizing Radiation Exposure

While X-rays are generally safe when used in moderation, we believe in minimizing radiation exposure whenever possible. This not only protects our patients but also our staff. If the clinical benefits of X-rays are not deemed essential for the patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan, we opt for alternative diagnostic methods that do not involve radiation. Our commitment to patient safety and well-being guides our decision-making process.

4. Patient-Centered Approach

At DSC, we take a patient-centered approach to care. We understand that every individual has unique needs and preferences. If a patient expresses a desire to have an X-ray prior to treatment, we are more than willing to accommodate their request. However, we ensure that an initial comprehensive exam is performed first to determine if imaging is truly necessary for their specific case.

5. Collaboration with Other Medical Professionals

In cases where imaging studies are warranted, we prefer to collaborate with other healthcare providers who specialize in radiology or orthopedics. This collaborative approach allows us to tap into their expertise and utilize imaging tools when they are deemed necessary for optimal diagnosis. By working together, we can provide our patients with the most comprehensive and well-rounded care possible.

At DSC, our primary goal is to provide effective and personalized treatments that address the root causes of our patients’ conditions. While X-rays can be a valuable diagnostic tool in certain situations, we have chosen to rely on clinical assessments, functional evaluations, and collaboration with other medical professionals to guide our treatment plans. Through this approach, we strive to provide our patients with the highest standard of care while minimizing unnecessary radiation exposure.

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